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Ok, so in the last couple of blogs I told you how I patted Ringo on the back and got shushed by George. 
This week, it's making eye contact with Paulie! Macca! Big Mac!
July 9, 1990 - Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ. It seems like only yesterday (OK, no more cheap Beatle song references). SECOND ROW from the stage, dead center. Yup, you read right...Second row. I couldn't believe it either. But my friend, Paul Goresh (who has a few friends in the music industry) was able to get these fabulous four seats - yeah, fab four seats. It was Paul & his girlfriend at the time, and my wife Sue, and I. There were six seats in the front of us, first row, that were empty when the show began. We figured maybe they would be taken by friends of the band, who may have been backstage during the pre-show. Paul's kids maybe? His brother Mike? Goresh and I knew what these people looked like; we were bonafide Beatle fans, after all. Yes, I understand how sad it is that I know what Mike McCartney looks like, but such is the life of a Beatlemaniac. Well, as it turned out, none of the above sat in the empty seats. As a matter of fact, the seats remained empty throughout the entire concert. That meant the first fans in Macca's line of sight were...US! OK, that put a lot of pressure on us as fans; we needed to make Paul feel wanted, loved. it was up to us. We'd have to carry the wei-- oops, almost let another cheap Beatle song title slip in. Unfortunately, I pretty much sat in a Beatle fan trance once the show started, what with being right in front of John Lennon's writing partner, so I wasn't much help in making Paul feel wanted and loved.
Fast forward to mid-concert -- Paul's singing the great Beatles tune, "Things we Said Today." 

I was happily, goofly singing along when Paul McCartney of the Beatles, ex-bandmate of George Harrison, Ringo Starr, and John Lennon, looked right at me!! RIGHT AT ME!! I sang along as I had while listening to my Something New album as a ten-year-old back in 1964. You know how music takes you back? I was in the fifth grade again. Only this time, Paulie was looking at me sing.
After the song, I asked Sue, "Did you see him look at me?"
"He was looking at me," Sue insisted.
"He was not."
"Why would he look at you?" Sue asked. "He'd look at a girl, and that girl was me."
I told my smarty-pantsed wife why he'd look at me. "He's married. He doesn't have to look at girls anymore." I swear I was being logical, but as the years have gone on, I'm convinced I'm an idiot.
Paul Goresh waited for the next song, "Eleanor Rigby," to finish before he chimed in. "He wasn't looking at either of you, he was looking at me."
I started laughing, but Goresh was serious. "I ain't kidding."
Paul's girlfriend would have to be the tie-breaker. I asked her: "Who was Paul looking at?"
She said, "I don't know. I wasn't watching McCartney, I was looking at that guy." She pointed to Robbie MacIntosh, one of the guitarists. (No wonder my friend Paul eventually broke up with her...)
So I am here to tell you now, my dear readers, and to set the record straight.
If you ever ask Sue about it--- SHE'S WRONG!!!!
If you ever ask Goresh about it--- HE'S WRONG!!!!
If you ever ask Goresh's girlfriend about it, well, she was wrong anyway for not looking at McCartney.
I'M right! ME!!! Paul McCartney, one of the four lads from Liverpool, made eye contact with ME!!!!  
 ---Steve Ludwig

Next week's blog: "How I Befriended One of John Lennon's Personal Photographers."
(By the way, the blog I had originally scheduled for this week, "Steve Ludwig's Free How-To Guide to Laugh About Getting Older While Secretly Making Fun of People Younger Than You" will be postponed until I get older.)

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